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Ironman Training Tips

Things to Consider When Hiring a Triathlon Coach


When getting into triathlon training, one of the most important things you must look into is hiring a coach. This person will surely have a significant effect on your performance and ongoing progress. You will see that a coach will drive you to your limits so that you reach your goals. With a pro's guidance, you can increase your speed and endurance, as well as keep you safe from injury. If you look around in the sporting world, you will find that athletes are rarely on their own. With a coach, you will have someone to tell assess you as you move forward on the path to perfection.


Here are the most important points you should consider when choosing a triathlon coach:


Virtual or Actual?


First off, you should decide if you want an online coach or an in-person coach. Online coaching can work, and it is always less expensive. But the obvious problem is that your coach will not be with you when you're Triathlon Training Boston MA. If you don't think you will thrive in this kind of set-up, then hiring a local coach is certainly the option for you. When your coach is always by your side, you can get instant feedback, and you can improve your performance on the spot.




Don't hesitate to seek referrals from other people in the triathlon community. You may be amazed by the number of coaches that are actually offering their services. You can approach USA Triathlon or any other governing bodies that can provide a few names of trainers you might want to call. You will probably get lots of referrals, but you have to narrow down your list of choices to at least three. This way, you have room for comparison but not too much that you become confused.


Personality of the Coach


Yes, the personality of the coach you train with is important. The idea is that the two of you jive. If you don't, this pro will be hardly successful in motivating you and pushing you to your maximum potential. You have to hire someone you trust and can get along with quite well. Otherwise, you will only end up in conflict and you will have wasted your money on someone who can't really help.


Triathlon Background


Obviously, you need a coach who has a solid background in triathlon. The more experienced this pro is, the more you will learn from him. Remember that Certified IRONMAN Training is unique from single sport training. What your coach knows, and more importantly, how he imparts what he knows is crucial.




Finally, don't forget to see whether or not you and the coach can agree on a training schedule. There are so many other things you may have to deal with, like work, family, etc. You need a coach who will be available when you are available. Otherwise, it can be very difficult for both of you.